Monumental Massons


New Memorials

Granite, Marble and Slate Memorials always in stock or if you would like to choose something diffrent please request a copy of our extensive catalouge for you to brouse at your own leisure.

Added Inscriptions

When a burial takes place in an existing grave we will remove the existing memorial to our workshop for safe keeping. Then we will inscribe the new inscription to match as per your instructions. The memorial usually can not be re fixed on the grave until at least 6 months after the burial has taken place.

Cleaning and Renovations

We can clean and renovate any type of memorial large or small, we also do health and safety work to conform with all County Council Cemetery regulations.

Caring for your Grave.

People often worry about purchasing an expensive memorial and then leaving it outside to the mercy of the elements and the possibility of damage from other sources.

Stone is a natural product and is many years old and although it can become weathered and look dirty it is possible to renovate it to a very high standard so that the memorial will look like new again.

Our qualified staff are on hand to visit the grave and carry out maintenance work in order to ensure your memorial looks its best at all times. Should further work be required we will contact you via letter to inform you of our recommendations.

Once the memorial is cleaned we offer various maintenance packages as shown below.

Procedures Available.

  • Light Cleaning.
  • Grass Trimming.
  • Weeding.
  • Supplying Fresh Flowers
  • Supplying New Metal Flower Containers.
  • Supplying new Chippings when required ( Extra £ 50.00)

BRONZE £ 60.00 for single visit
SILVER £ 140.00 per annun for 3 visits
GOLD £ 480 per annum for 12 visits

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